Hiring Resources

PestVets is compiling a number of resources for pest management professionals to use to promote job opportunities to returning veterans.  

Why Hire a Vet? 

To get started recruiting veterans for your company, we recommend doing the following.

  1. Give a job posting to your local VA rep in the town hall.
  2. Give your contact info to the Career One Stop officer in your county or state.
  3. Post DISCOUNTED job postings targeting Veterans through the NPMA Career Center!  Contact Jake Plevelich for more information.

  Download the NPMA PestVets recruiting PDF here!

Other Resources

Veteran Hiring Toolkit

Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS)

Veterans Employment Center (VEC)



Find Qualified Veterans in Your Community

Reach Out to a Veteran Employment Coordinator


Please contact npma@pestworld.org to request a copy of this video.




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