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Who knew that volunteering for our military at the age of 17 would lead me on the path of a lifelong passion for the pest management industry. The Air Force gave me the training, education, organization skills, discipline, compassion, and countless experiences to take me on my journey. I served my tour in Europe for 3.5 years managing bed bugs, rats, roaches, feral cats, ants, birds, etc. Since returning in 1982, I have had the good fortune of participating in this industry. I am a first-generation owner since 1994 and I now employ 15 men and women, four of whom are veterans. Currently, I serve as the President of the Pennsylvania Pest Management Association. I have lived and worked in my hometown of Philadelphia my entire life. – Marty Overline, Aardvard Pest Control

Transitioning from the Marines to civilian life can be difficult. I started mowing lawns for a local school district and a neighbor approached me about becoming a Pest Management Professional. Similar to the skepticism I felt entering the military, I was skeptical of my neighbor's offer. However, the confidence I learned from my time with the USMC, helped me in the job of a technician in that I was able to foster relationships and build a successful route. 24 years later I have made this industry my career. I believe the leadership skills I learn while serving set the foundation for my role as middle management and now executive leadership. If you are self-motivated and willing to learn, the earning potential is up to you. It is an amazing industry. You are guardians of the environment. – David Ramsey, Copesan Services



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